A Belated Hello to 2020

Hi all,

It’s been an extremely busy fall/winter since I last posted. Honestly, I burnt myself out and took a step back from any non-essentials, including the blog, for a few weeks. Things have gradually been picking up again but I’m being more careful to prioritize my personal needs on top of all my obligations.

Which just means that I’m telling myself it’s ok to write before I do any critiques for other people or that it’s ok to not write at all and I can go paint or watch a movie instead.

So far 2020 is looking pretty good.

Writing-wise, my beta readers have my WIP and I’m planning on querying here in the next few months. I’m multi-researching for two more historical romances and a for-fun cozy mystery. One of those is more-or-less plotted out. I just need that last little bit of research before I can really flesh out my hero and get back to drafting. The other two are in various states of active brainstorming. (Let’s be real: I’ve got like 20 more stories that are percolating in the back of my brain. I can’t resist a good shiny idea.)

In my personal life I’m kept on my toes keeping my children alive. A couple of them are true dare-devils who delight in standing/jumping off the arms of my couch and the other one apparently can subsist only on dew drops and seaweed despite my attempts to feed him a more balanced/filling diet. Occasionally I can distract them by letting them destroy (muddy-up) my nice, clean water-color palette.

I will attempt to post at least once a month, but no guarantees. (I’ll probably be keeping my son from somersaulting over his smaller siblings.)

In the mean time, I usually post a little more frequently on Instagram @jillewarner.