When Life Goes Skeewampus… and So Very Write

Forgive the pun in the title, but since I last posted, it’s been a very busy and interesting time. Both on a global scale and in my personal and writing lives.

First, my husband got an unexpected job offer that was a big boost to his career, so my family and I very quickly packed up and moved halfway across the country on the leading edge of all the shutdowns of early 2020. We were blessed to find a beautiful home for a reasonable price before the market shot everything sky-high.

I spent the next several months putting together the house and trying to recover from the shell-shock of 2020, aaaand then got slammed with vertigo during the first trimester of pregnancy. (As far as we’re aware, that’s just coincidental and was caused by some nerve damage in my ear.) Baby Augustus* was born this summer and decided to shock everyone with really low oxygen levels the day we were planning on going home, so he had a brief stint in NICU. He’s doing much better now.

Anyway, early this year I started querying agents and publishers and got an offer from Covenant Communications on my early Victorian romance, Of Jasmine and Roses. The current release date is late 2023, but there’s a possibility of that moving. Now I’m working on all of the business-y end of stuff, doing on my evaluation edits, drafting my next project, and researching for book 3 (which I’m SUPER excited about, but soooo much research needs done before I can tackle that.)

This last weekend I went to my first writers retreat and met a bunch of local writers and authors. My favorite part was probably geeking out about Elizabeth Gaskell and our Victorian-era, Cranford-inspired cozy mysteries that another author and I are both wanting to work on (independently). We’ve agreed we’re going to be buddies rather than rivals since that’s one of the cool things about our preferred genres–there’s no such thing as competition since readers want it all!

I’m not entirely sure how frequently I’ll post here anymore, so if you’d like more consistent updates, subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on either Instagram or Facebook.

*I will not use my children’s real names on public forums so they each have a fun internet nickname.